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Starting with JVSC Auction #5 (opens February 27, 2013), we will be accepting outside consignments.  The majority of the lots in our first couple months (four auctions) will be house owned.  Our goal is to offer the fairest, and most attractive consignment rates in the industry.  Our consignment rate will be 3% of the hammer price plus an additional flat fee based on the hammer price (see schedule below).  Please note that the consignment schedule below is for single cards graded by either PSA or SGC.  Remember, unlike most other auction houses, we do not charge a buyer's fee.  Overall, our consignment rates will be much, much lower than other auction houses, especially when you get into the higher hammer prices. 

Consignment Rate Schedule for Single, Graded Cards

Hammer Price

Consignment Fee

$10 - $100

3% + $10


3% + $15

$251 -$500

3% + $20

$501 - $1000

3% + $30

$1001 - $2000

3% + $50

$2001 - $5000

3%+ $100

$5001 - $10000

3% + $200


Please call for rates on lots that will most likely hammer for more than $10000.

As a result of our 3% plus 'flat rate' fee schedule, there will be times when the hammer price for the 'low end' of a tier actually nets the consignor a slightly less percentage than it would if it were in the 'high end' of a lower tier.  For example, a card with a hammer price of $1050 will net the consignor $968.50 (92.24%), while a hammer price of $1000 will net the consignor $940 (94%).  That said, overall, the JVSC Auctions  consignor will still net much more for the same hammer price as they would with most other auction houses.

We will also gladly accept consignments of graded or ungraded sets, multiple card lots, or entire collections.  The consignment rates for anything other than a single graded card will be determined on a case by case basis depending on the labor involved, but we will still offer rates much more reasonable than our competition. 

If you have cards you would like to consign, please fill out the simple consignment form below, and we will be in contact with you very soon. If you prefer to sell your cards at a fixed price rather than go the auction route, Joe's Vintage Sports Cards will be happy to make you an offer. 



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