Placing an auction bid acknowledges acceptance of all the terms and conditions listed below.  Please contact for any questions regarding the auction rules prior to bidding.

1.  There is no buyer's premium.  If your winning bid is $100, your actual cost will be $100 (plus reasonable shipping, insurance, and IL sales tax, if applicable).

2 Auction End Time:  JVSC Auctions will employ the 30 minute rule on each lot individually.  30 minutes of extended bidding will begin on each lot individually at 10:00 CST.  Once there are no bids on a lot after 30 consecutive minutes of extended bidding, the bidding for that individual lot will be over, and the high bidder will be declared the winner.  If a bid is placed on a lot during the extended bidding period, the 30 minute clock will reset to 30 minutes, starting a new 30 minute countdown.  To qualify for the extended bidding period for ANY item, only a single bid on ANY item in the entire auction prior to the beginning of the extended bidding period is required.  If a lot has only one bid at 10:00, the lot will not remain open during the extended bidding session, and the high bidder will be declared the winner.  Our goal is to end the auction at a reasonable time, yet still give every bidder ample opportunity to manage their bids and funds across the entire auction.

3.  Bidders must register with JVSC Auctions prior to placing a bid.  Once registered, bidders will be eligible to bid in any future JVSC Auctions.

4.  The vast majority of lots will have a $10 starting bid.

5.  Once placed, bids cannot be retracted for any circumstances, so please place your bids carefully.

6.  Straight or maximum bids may be placed at any time during the auction according to the bid increment schedule shown in rule #7.

7.  The bid increment schedule is as follows:

Bid Range

Bid Increment















$10001 & up



8. JVSC Auctions (owner or employs) will not be permitted to bid in the auction.  There will be no hidden reserves or bidding by 'house accounts'.

9. Consignors (or their family/ friends) are not allowed to bid on their own consignments.

10. JVSC Auctions reserves the right to remove any lot from the auction (including after the end of the auction).  This will only be done under extreme circumstances if there is an error in the listing/description or some other unforeseen problem with the lot.

11. All sales are final and cannot be returned for any reason.

12. Payment: Invoices will be emailed within 24 hours after the auction ends.  Payment is due in full 14 calendar days after the close of the auction.  If additional payment time may be needed, please contact JVSC Auctions PRIOR to bidding.  Payment may be made via check, money order, cash, PayPal (credit cards are only accepted through PayPal).  International bidders must pay through paypal with US funds.   Payments made by check may be held for 7 days at the discretion of JVSC Auctions.  Payment can be mailed to:



PO Box 1278

Mahomet, IL 61853

13. Shipping Charges: Very reasonable shipping and insurance charges will be added to all invoices.  The shipping and insurance charges will be waived if payment is made by check, cash, or money order (U.S. bidders only).

Very reasonable shipping and insurance charges will be added to all invoices.  The shipping and insurance charges will be waived if payment is made by check, cash, or money order.

14. Illinois Sales Tax:  IL sales tax of 7.5% will be added to all invoices won by IL residents.  If you have a valid IL resale number, please provide a copy to JVSC Auctions before the auction closes.

15.  Customs:  International bidders are welcome to bid in the auction, but please be advised that the full custom's value will be declared on any package shipped outside the US.

16.  Most shipments will be made via USPS or FedEx.  Insurance to JVSC Auctions is provided by Collectibles Insurance Agency.

17. Auction Exclusion:  If for any reason the auction is interrupted during the final days of bidding due to unforeseen problems such as loss of power or Internet, software issues, etc., the auction may be extended at the discretion of JVSC Auctions.

18. JVSC Auctions will not be held liable for any damages or claims arising from or in connection will the sale of any auction item.

19. The auction rules will be enforced in accordance with law of the State of Illinois.  Any claims arising from this auction shall be brought to the appropriate court in the State of Illinois, Champaign County.  In the event JVSC Auctions is the prevailing party in any claim, JVSC Auctions will be entitled to the recovery of all related court and attorney fees.